If we have a good thing
it’s not because we found a good thing
it’s because we made a good thing.

If we make it
it’s not only because the world let us
but also because we tried hard enough.

And if we fall apart
it’s not because it wasn’t meant to be
it’s because we let it die.

* * *

All the places we’ve been to
all the things we shared
have a past and future
they have not been lying in wait
for us to chance upon them
we made them part of our present
by making the conscious choice
by crossing the distance

And all the dreams and plans
are not in anyone else’s agenda
but ours.

You and I
have always been for taking responsibility
it’s the ground our love is built upon
we didn’t come together
by any form of soul gravity:
we chose each other,
and every single day,
it’s up to us whether to stay together
one day longer
or walk away.

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