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I worked hard to get here
so I deserve to have this moment.

There’s a man who loves me
and no other woman can take my place.
I know it,
he knows it
and everyone who’s heard our story
knows it.

Every once in a while
I still get messages from old students
whose lives I have touched
(I go so far as say changed)
saying thank you.

Everyday I get to be surrounded
by so much beauty
like being wrapped in silk
that serves to remind me
how many great things I can do.
Everyday I take a plunge
in the yellow mosaic fountain
of inspiration
and beauty likewise flows
through me
and from me.
I still can’t believe I work in a place like this.

And everyday I go to work
not wearing Marks & Spencer
or carrying a Gucci bag
but only as a matter of taste
(I like Prima Linea and Esprit better).
And in this workplace
I am the best
I am the incredible one
the powerful one
the one who handles it when all goes wrong
the one who knows
what to do

They’re gathering the pack
for me to lead
I’ll get a promotion
in a month or two
I can ask for a raise
anytime I want

I stand proud
and I make my Mommy and Daddy proud

This summer
I’m going to have my name in banners
and I will stand on the stage
where superstars
open their arms to the spotlight

a dream come true

The same summer
I’m going to put my name on a book
that everyone will want to own
(the new status symbol).
Before the year ends, another book
and next year, another.

An American company
is trying to buy
my nine-year-old website
and I can say no
or yes.

I have a house waiting for me
on the 29th floor of a building
directly across the street
from the most beautiful place in the world
and it will officially be mine
in time.

The floodgates of blessings
are open
and I thank You, God
for making it happen.

Image by photographer Annie Elena