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It’s like
the glass walls of the perfect square cage
built around my spirit
have broken and fallen away
and my dreams are running free
soaring to the vastness of the skies
plunging to the depths of the sea
piercing life to the core
where dreams come true
and lost souls find their meaning.

I always thought
I was too old to start over
too soiled to be forgiven.
There were too many lies spoken
by too many people
that I almost believed them.
But last night
they all put their hands on my shoulders
to bless my happiness
And my future
was unfurled in front of me
And I realized
that most of my life’s successes
are still before me
waiting to be achieved.

It’s like
playing Russian roulette with the gods
with everything at stake
and now I’m raking in
all my winnings.
I want to put my arms around time
and do the jiggy on top of destiny.

It’s like
stepping into the eye of the storm
all the world’s in confusion
while I sit here wrapped in peace
Everything is mine
and the formula
to keep the universe running
is (in) my hands.

“Enchanted Key” by photographer Ellie