You are an angel in our lives
We only gave you shelter,
a little food to eat,
and some water to drink
and in exchange
you gave us your unconditional love.
The simple charm of your presence
kept him home
on nights
when he might otherwise be out drinking.
The endless surprises
in watching you just be yourself
cured me of many ills.

I pray that you be saved
because I love you
and you make us happy
and it hasn’t even been that long
we have many more good times to share.

But, just in case
when the Lord closes your eyes
and in case I don’t make it
by your side
instead of feel that ugly pain
that took you from us
may your little heart remember
the tastes of those chicken nuggets
with sweet chili sauce
that you loved so much,
and that adobong isaw
that you would eat up so fast,
the warmth of the kind hands
that used to pet you
the voices that used to call your name
the scent of us who always calmed you
and may you be at peace.

Image by Iris Orpi