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Don’t come near me. I am evil.
Everything I touch turns to shit.
Don’t try to get to know me.
It’s worth something, I’m sure. I’m pretty interesting.
But I warn you, I can crumble your life to dust
once I’ve come to earn your trust
without meaning to, of course.
It’s just the way I am.
Somehow I’ve always known
why I have to be so strong
it has to be because I was meant to be alone.
Don’t feel sorry for me. You will regret it.
Don’t try to help me.
You will only end up hurt
and you’d wish you hadn’t.
I’ve heard “After all that I’ve done for you”
and “How can you do this to me”
far too many times.
When life next deals its cards
you’ll become one of my social casualties.
For Heaven’s sake, don’t let it get that far.
So keep your distance, if you know what’s good for you.
Because I’m a monster.
I prey on friends,
I use them, then I destroy them.
I never once wanted to,
and every time I did I didn’t really mean to,
but there it is.
So give up on me before you even try.
Trust me just this once:
don’t trust me, please, not even for a while.
Run…before it’s too late.

untitled photo by photographer Rachel Kertz