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I came home late but the stars were shining that night
I rode alone but I feared nothing that night
The sky was dark but the streets were safe that night
The birds were asleep but there was music that night
Heaven wept but I had a smile on me that night
It rained so hard but the full moon hung that night
The streets were damp but the road was smooth that night
The thunders howled but dreams were sweet that night
The storm was strong but the soul was stronger that night
The night was long but the hopes were high that night
I got home drenched with rain but not with tears that night
I stayed up all night to memorize that night-
For me to never forget that night-
the way you looked that night,
the words you said to me that night,
will make that night the night of nights.
I know because hell itself was there to take that night
…but still, I fell in love with you that night.

“Lurking #2” by photographer Martin Lew