Would you still look away
Each time you meet my eyes
If you knew how happy I would be
If for one moment I could pretend
You were looking at me?

Would you still take the other road
To get to where you want to go
Would you still keep yourself very far
If you knew how heavenly it would be
To be brushed by the wings of the angel that you are?

Would you still stand there
Shrouded by silence’s mystery
Would you still refuse to give
If you knew that your words
Are all I need to live?

Would you still haunt me
With that mysterious gentleness
If you knew that every breath
One wisp of air without your love
Would make me stifle to my death?

How long should I suffer from these questions?
When would I know

Would you still do all these to me
Would you still deprive me
Of living in the same world as you
Would you still deprive me
Of your glance, your words, your touch
Would you still,
Even if you knew I love you very much?

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