Thou art one with night
for I met thee in my dreams
A forever ago or two
I first set my blessed sight
and swore that I would love thee true.
Thy eyes more rare than the stars
Thy face as healing as the dark
I beheld thee in thy glory from afar
And placed unto thy hands my heart.
Let all madrigals sing
their brilliant melodies
Let all nature’s gifts
unfurl their majestic vanities
For thou art the sweetest of sweet songs
Thou art the beauty
that gives the universe its reasons
to go on.
‘Tis thy sweet spoken name
that gives color to the seasons.
A forever or two
I risked to wait to dream
For only thou hast the realness
that can fill up eternity.
Only thou within creation
art real enough to grant flesh to infinity.
For thee, I seized forever with my bare hands
For thee, I held eternity in my arms
Until reality snatched the dream away
and the endlessness faded into day.
And I realized that forever had gone
Dissolved, broken,
refracted into nothing by the sun.
A forever or two ago,
time played the waltz
and love asked for a dance;
and there I was
letting forever pass me by in a trance…
Never. Never can I forget
and no more frequent shall I regret
that I lost forever or two or three
lost within my love for thee
For memories of thy love, though unreal
granteth me the power to feel
a love that betrays a poet’s rhymes
transcending all the mysteries of time.
A forever or two ago
I have lost the dream I used to know
I lost the dream once oh so fine
But because of loving you, forever is mine.

* * *
inspired by a poem written by Sheila Marie Juan

untitled photo from image bookmarking site WeHeartIt